Our Mission

The Thyateira Union was established focusing on people and their need to coexist and evolve harmoniously in a world that is constantly changing.

The main goals of our efforts are:

  • To function as a reference point for Hellenism in all lengths and breadths of the world. To unite and support cultural, social and educational collaborations that have as their main goal, both the preservation and strengthening of the Greek identity of the Greeks of the Diaspora and the better acquaintance of the countries where they live and work with the Greek culture.
  • The promotion and support of all forms of support of the social work offered in Greece and abroad by the sacred Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.
  • The strengthening of the bond of the Greek communities in the United Kingdom with Greece through all those values that unite Greeks around the world such as love for the motherland, religious traditions, common language and culture.

Thyateira Union promotes also:

  • The planning and implementation of actions, in order to offer financial support and relief to each Greek community and its members, when and if deemed necessary in combination with the offer of all possible spiritual, moral and material assistance. 
  • The organization of cultural and educational events that cultivate and elevate the spirit, giving man and society peace of mind and peace to move forward in the future. 
  • The granting of scholarships for the purpose of scientific, social and intellectual training of young people. 
  • The preparation of programmes that will meet all the great challenges that modern man is already facing, such as the protection of the environment, the management of water resources, the shift to renewable energy sources, the development of organic crops and the constantly evolving electronic communications. 
  • Awareness of universal values that build a fairer world, such as human rights advocacy, social justice, volunteerism and solidarity.

In this great effort, we want you by our side!